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All legal websites for Casino, Piker and Sports bets in Bulgaria

Today Internet can offer you a really easy access to the option of playing casino games, especially if you are a fan and love relaxing in such a way. For some people, casino games are a pleasant entertainment, for others they are a real passion, and because of their high popularity, there is no need to even look for a special website, almost all bookmakers offer you this option in their sites – all the fans can enjoy the great variety of games there, not only the option of placing bets.



A very popular competitor to Bet365 in popularity and consumption is undoubtedly the bookmaker Efbet, which also offers casino games, besides the variety of sports bets, which can be played online, as well as live. People who like this type of games can not help being attracted by the serious advertising that Efbet has, as well as by the pleasant bonuses and promotions that are offered in the website. The company perfectly combines sports betting and casino games, and this is due to the fact that the people that stand behind the website know quite well what the needs of their customers are and they can perfectly satisfy those needs. If you are a fan of sports betting and casino games, you should only make a registration, put some money into your account and you can enjoy your time in the world of playing games. You can choose where you want to go right from the homepage – if you want to place bets, or you want to visit the section for online casino games. For sure you will not be disappointed from the variety of games, but on the contrary, and you will like the bonuses that are offered in the different games.

In Efbet, you can choose from the most popular slot games and casino table games that are over 150 as a number in the website. If you have not tried a certain game and you do not know what it is about and whether you would like it, there is the variant to play a demo version and find out if you want to play it for real and earn money from it. And if you have already tried most of the games, there is a section in the website, in which you can follow all the new things that Efbet has for you.




Bet 365

This is a company that is definitely a leader in this industry. Its clients are located in 250 countries around the world, numbering millions. The people who work for this bookmaker, taking care of the daily variety of different games and the website developments, are not just a few, and the working process for them can not stop even for a minute. This online platform has been developed by Playtech, which is also quite famous company that keeps its reputation and product’s quality.

You can play any types of casino games in Bet365, starting with the most famous in this area – Fruit Mania, Baccarat, Blackjack, etc. Before you make a deposit in the website, you can go in the online casino section and start having fun at the moment. The bonus that the website gives for its newly registered clients is also available when you have fulfilled all the required conditions for getting it.

In order to use the website and play without a problem, you have two variants – to open it via a browser or you can download and install special software that gives you the possibility to play all casino games in Bet365. You will find extremely exciting and interesting games in the website, such as Mr. Cashback or Santa Surprise, which is quite popular among users, and without a doubt it is one quite famous poker game that is presented here in four variants. And you will be pleasantly surprised by the growing jackpots in the website, and if you are lucky and play with common sense, you can see how these jackpots can rise to amounts like five million leva for example.


Another popular website of a bookmaker that you can use for making sports bets and play your favourite games, is 1xBet. Specially in our country this company is still not so well known as the previous two mentioned, but does not step back in anything when compared to those two websites when we talk about their performance in the internet. 1xBet is a Russian company that is constantly growing and gaining greater popularity, and parts of the reasons are hiding in specific advantages that this website offers as for example the easy registration – here are additional variants for registration offered, by using just a click or an e-mail. You do not need to make a full registration for this bookmaker. The site already has ten years of experience in the industry, and the license has been issued in Curacao.

Reviewing the website in more details, you can choose a game that is according to your taste – video slot games, roulette, blackjacks, etc. And for choosing a casino, you have a few types that you can review before you decide which one you prefer – Lucky Streak, PornHub Casino, Extreme Live Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi and XPG. You can play online, you can also choose from live games, with real croupiers. The variants that 1xBet offers are really so many that there is no other way but satisfy the preferences that its customers have.


The next website in this area is WinBet. This is relatively new company on the market, established just a few years ago, in 2011. The fact that it has to catch up with such serious competitors like those mentioned above has its impact, but the website is able to successfully offer some of the best coefficients for sports bets, attractive online and casino games, easy ways for handling with money when making deposits and withdrawing amounts.

The strongest side of this website is exactly casino games, and it turns out that it is a real specialist in this area. Here you can find popular games, such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack and Hold’Em casino, you can have fun with Route of Mexico or Queen of Rio, or you can bet on a roulette of the type European Roulette. You have real croupiers here, slot games, table games, card games, keno, and many, many more.


If you want to work with a website that is especially for sports bets, and at the same time it is at very high level, then BetFair is your website for this purpose. It does not only meet this condition, but it is also one of the most popular and well known websites for sports betting, and its betting exchange is probably the best in Internet.

The website has been created by Andrew Black, British gambling entrepreneur. He should be definitely pleased of the popularity that his bookmaker’s website has among the users, who prefer sports betting and online betting. It is quite often when users prefer using this website instead of Bet365 or Pinacle, which speaks a lot.


And finally, in our short review of the most popular websites that offer sports betting and online games that can be played live, we should also say a few words about Betfair. We have something new here that is not available in the other websites – we have a new way of placing the bets. The users can make their bets in the traditional bookmaker and in the sports exchange.

There isn’t a separate section for casino games, the website is especially for sports betting, but it offers so many promotions and bonuses that the lack of online games will not be noticed by the users. Everything in this website is at extremely high level and it has not disappointed its loyal fans, as well as the new ones.



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